Maritime Security Escort

We leverage our combat ready Military personnel, our team, and state of the art military technology to make ocean transportation safer for our clients

Offshore Shore Services

Billcam is specialized in domestic waste disposal, crude oil tank cleaning, Ac repair and maintenance

Hiring of vessels

We are available 24/7. You can always trust us when it comes to mission critical scenarios. We have standby, well equipped and well maintained vessels ready for any mission

Ship Chandelling Services

Ensuring that our Clients Operating across Africa never run out of supplies. we supply from groceries, machinery, spare parts and more

Manpower Supply Services

To ensure that oil and gas companies operating across Africa never slow down in operations, we provide them with mission ready and skilled personnel for them to meet up their work demand on time

Catering Services

We bring in the best to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied. We have professional Chefs with knowledge in dishes form an wide range of cultures and a decade of experience in offshore catering services

Transport & Logistics services

Enabling the movement of consumer goods, supplies, machinery, oil and gas products etc. to their respective locations in good conditions and on time

Cargo Handling Services

Billcam is a reliable and experienced cargo handler. We have all the equipment’s to handle your cargo with outmost care. You can trust us with your cargo and get the required results

Import & export Services

Engaged in import and export of goods, from machinery, accessories, consumer products etc. We also make sure that our clients get their products on time